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2017 Local Election

Candidates for Mayor

L. Mitch AdamsMitch Adams

When I became mayor, the city had a fire station that was declared seismically unsafe. The police station was what appeared to be a converted house and was inadequate. Subsequently we moved the city operations and the associated park from 26 acres to the current 50 plus acre with new police, fire, recreation, city hall and park. I am happy to report that these new facilities are paid for and Clinton city is out of debt.

One goal for the next term is to rebuild the aging infrastructure of the city. The ductile Iron water pipes are beginning to fail 20 to 30 years ahead of anticipated life. The roads are also failing and require reconstruction. These water and road projects will remain a top priority into the foreseeable future.

I will continue to strive to provide the stability, direction and planning necessary for the brightest possible future of Clinton City. The health safety and welfare of Clinton City is a top priority. My record shows my continued vision for maintaining the integrity of our residential community and controlling commercial developers.

L. Mitch Adams
Mayor, Clinton City

Anthony O. ThompsonTony Thompson

Thank you for your interest in the Clinton City election.
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I ask you for your vote for Mayor.

Anthony O. "Tony" Thompson

Candidates for City Council

Karen PetersonKaren PetersonProfile:
Clinton City is a great place to live because of the great people that live here. It has been an honor to serve you on the City Council. My goal remains the same - to keep Clinton City a great place for my family and yours. I believe that though Clinton is growing, we can maintain a safe, family friendly community that retains its hometown feel.

I will keep Clinton moving in the right direction by focusing on required services, fiscal responsibility, transparency, and responsiveness to residents’ needs. I have been a strong advocate for residents as I have sought to listen and understand their concerns. I am proud that Clinton City currently has NO DEBT. I expanded communication through electronic newsletters and social media. There is always more we can do, and I am committed to constant improvement.

My extensive experience in state and local government has allowed me to respond with the knowledge needed to address issues. I received my Masters in Public Administration, and have worked closely with our city staff, county commissioners, and legislative representatives.

I pledge to keep working on behalf of Clinton’s residents, and humbly ask for your continued support.

Thank you,
Karen Peterson

Robert EberhardOccupation: Air Force Civilian
Age: 36
City of residence: Clinton
Years of residence in current city: 3
Contact email:

I was born and raised in Utah, and I have lived in Clinton for three years with my wife and son. Though I have in many places throughout my life, Clinton was the first place I truly felt at home.

I currently work at Hill AFB in logistics, and have over 10 years of total federal employment. I was also honorably discharged from the Army Reserve in 2011 after 10+ years, including spending most of 2010 deployed to Iraq. I have also worked in real estate, accounting, and banking, and hold multiple degrees in business.

My hope for Clinton City is to maintain the small and welcoming feeling while also preparing for future growth. The sense of community is strong and built on the foundation of people with deep ties to the community, and I hope to represent that spirit despite my short time in the city. I truly believe that Clinton is a hidden gem of Davis County and before too long, the word will get out and people will want to live here. It is important that we plan for this growth in a smart and sustainable way, and the City Council is vital to ensuring that happens.