How do I get an Open/Agricultural Burn Permit?
You must have the following to qualify for a Fire Department Open/Agricultural Burn Permit.
1. Two acres or twenty-five fruit trees.
2. Must be related to and essential for agricultural/horticultural operation.
3. Must be constantly attended.
4. Must be conducted during daylight hours only.
5. Must have means to extinguish or control the fire.
6 Must be kept a minimum of 50-feet from all structures.
7. Must comply with air quality index of 500 or greater

Contact the Fire Department for a open/agricultural Burn Permit 801-614-0840.
If Open/Agricultural burning creates a public hazard, the on-duty fire officer has the authority to have the fire extinguished. When weather or other conditions make open/Agricultural burning a hazard, such as winds, etc., the officer on duty may deny all burning requests.

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