Secondary Water System

Irrigation Water
The Secondary Water System is a privately owned utility operated and maintained by the Davis and Weber County Canal Company.

Problems They Solve
  • Leaks
  • Outdoor Irrigation Problems
  • Pressure Issues
  • Watering Restrictions
An illustrated diagram of cross connection between drinking water and irrigation water.
This is an illegal cross-connection and it is also very dangerous! Never ever connect the drinking water piping to the secondary piping. The pressure in the secondary water system is higher than the pressure in the drinking water system and the secondary water will be forced into the drinking water line.
If you drink this water, you could become ill or even die. If you notice someone who has cross-connected, or you question whether or not your culinary system has been cross-connected with secondary water, please contact the Clinton City Water Department immediately.
A graphic illustration of plants with roots showing deep infrequent watering, deep frequent watering
Frequent Irrigation
Many people think they must water every day or every other day to have green and healthy turf. This is a common misconception that wastes water and actually weakens your lawn. Horticulturalists recommend watering your lawn deeply and infrequently to promote a strong root system.