Community Development

Effective July 20, 2020
Due to County Health Department current COVID-19 guidelines face-to-face contact is limited. 

All are encouraged to use the services available by phone, email and on-line.

Mission Statement

The Community Development Department’s role and mission is to provide timely, fair, and professional services in the following areas:
  • Current & Long Range Land Planning
  • Building Inspection
  • Business Licensing
  • Code Enforcement
Through hard work in each of these services, we hope to create a safer and more pleasing environment for the residents of Clinton City.


Community Development Functions

Primarily, it is the duty of the Community Development Department to oversee and manage the planning, development, building and growth of Clinton City.

Specifically, the department duties are:
  • Coordinate efforts in preparing  planning-related documents (e.g. City's General Plan)
  • Administer the City's Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances
  • Process and issue building permits 
  • Building inspections
  • License businesses
  • Site plan review
  • Zoning enforcement
  • Economic Development
We also serve as advisers to the City Council, Planning Commission, and the Board of Zoning Adjustments.