Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing
Plow Routes
The streets will normally be plowed to provide better access to the higher traveled streets first. This priority puts main (collector) roads first with special attention to hills and difficult intersections. Subsequently the subdivision streets are plowed with special smaller trucks used in cul-de-sacs and dead ends.

Blocked Driveways

Snow accumulated on the plow blade has no place to go but in the road right-of-way, which includes driveways. Many times snow plowing forms snow drifts across driveway approaches, which may create hardships for some residents. However, the City possesses neither the personnel nor the equipment to clear thousands of driveway approaches within the City. Snow removal from driveway approaches is the residents’ responsibility.

Per City Ordinance, Clinton City property owners are responsible for keeping all sidewalks along their property clear of snow and ice. City crews are responsible for clearing sidewalks at public facilities such as the Municipal Buildings and Parks. City ordinance prohibits residents, business owners, and or contractors from depositing snow into public roads. Snow removed from sidewalks and driveways should be placed in the park strip area or on private property and NOT in the public roads. This practice is dangerous and impedes the City’s snow removal efforts.

All paved sections of the City’s trail system will be cleared of snow by City crews as time allows. Some unpaved areas are left unplowed for various forms of winter recreation.

In most cases, damage occurs during the plowing process because aged posts or improperly mounted boxes are not able to withstand the rigors of the winter plowing season.

The City will repair/replace a mailbox or post that is damaged due to contact with a snowplow blade with like materials up to a cost of $350 if the mailbox has been installed to U.S. Postal Service Guidelines with a setback of 6" from the front of the curb.

Residents who choose to install a mailbox that has a greater value do so at their own risk. Mailboxes should be installed to withstand heavy or wet snow coming off the end of the plow. If damage occurs due to snow discharge or snow storage, the City will not be responsible for repairs.


Current City Ordinance prohibits parking on the street from November 15th - March 15th from midnight - 7 a.m. Residents can also help by removing vehicles, trailers and garbage cans from the street anytime snow plows are out working.