Solid Waste

Garbage Pickup Routes Map
View a color coded map of Clinton City garbage pickup routes (PDF).
Garbage Can Replacement
If your garbage can does not function properly due to normal wear, there will be no charge for repair or replacement. Damage due to abuse or neglect will require the purchase of a new can.
A black garbage can sitting on a curb.

Instructions for Residents

When placing your trash container out for dumping, please follow these important instructions:
  • Do not place items in the container that are greater than four feet in length.
  • Do not place the container near parked vehicles. When dumping your container, the driver must have clear access to it.
  • Do not place the container where it will block delivery of your mail.
  • Do not place the following items in your trash container: hot ashes or coals, large quantities of dirt, sod, grass clippings not bagged, rocks or concrete, hazardous/flammable materials, large bulky items, construction, remodeling, or demolition debris.
  • If you have two or more containers, place them four feet apart.
  • Place your container at curbside, facing the street. Do not place your can on top of the curb. For those without a curb, place it within two feet of the blacktop.
  • Please have your trash container at curbside by 6:00 a.m. on collection day. Pick-up times may vary.
  • Please remove your container off the street by the end of the day.

Where Does All The Garbage Go?

Garbage collected in the city is transported to the Energy Recovery Facility in Layton. Check out this short video or go to their web site to see what happens after that, it's amazing!